Support Striking SEIU Members at the Wine Rack stores

The Niagara Regional Labour Council recently voted on the following resolution. Please support the workers of the Wine Rack store in their struggle against union-busting!

Strike by Workers at Wine Rack Stores in Toronto

Whereas, 280 members of SEIU Local 2 who work at Wine Rack stores in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are attempting to address unfair scheduling practices and low wages through collective bargaining, and;

Whereas, Arterra Wines, the company that operates the Wine Rack stores, refuses to address scheduling issues, and:

Whereas, Arterra Wines has taken the position that it will not bargain wage increases and that employees at its unionized stores in the GTA must accept the same wage rates as employees in its non-union stores outside the GTA, and;

Whereas, Arterra Wines has tabled proposals intended to break the union by removing large numbers of employees from the bargaining unit, and;

Whereas, an arbitrator has found that Arterra Wines breached the collective agreement by interfering with the union’s efforts to communicate with its membership in the lead up to collective agreement negotiations, and;

Whereas, the actions of Arterra Wines is making a work stoppage inevitable, and;

Whereas, Arterra Wines is wholly owned by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, and;

Whereas the actions of the management of Arterra Wines also threaten the interests of thousand of unionized educators across the province;


That the Niagara Regional Labour Council declares that it stands in solidarity with unionized employees of the Wine Rack stores in the Greater Toronto Area and calls on Arterra Wines to negotiate the issues of scheduling and wages in good faith and to drop any demands that would reduce the number of unionized positions.

We stand ready to answer the call to action including, but not limited to, setting up information pickets at non-union Wine Rack locations across southern Ontario.

We ask that Ontario’s Teacher unions (OSSTF, AEFO, ETFO, OECTA) support the workers at Wine Rack stores, including calling on Arterra Wines to agree to binding arbitration.