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Support Striking SEIU Members at the Wine Rack stores

The Niagara Regional Labour Council recently voted on the following resolution. Please support the workers of the Wine Rack store in their struggle against union-busting!

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Statement from the Niagara Regional Labour Council

We, the Niagara Regional Labour Council, hear and join the call from the many Indigenous leaders to find and document the gravesites of the many children that were abused and then buried without dignity from the residential school system.


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April 28th Day of Mourning

Join us on April 28th for the Day of Mourning.

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United Way Niagara Period Promise

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Siblings;


This year due to COVID- 19 the United Way Niagara Period Promise Campaign will run from May 1 -28, 2021. The support of our local labour community is important to the success of this initiative.  Period Promise is more than just a collection drive, it advocates for those impacted by period poverty and menstrual equity.

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