General Motors Demonstration

June 3, 2019 at 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Let’s tell GM’s “virtual” Shareholders Meeting:

A Job is a Right - No Plant Closings! Retool “unallocated” plants for green jobs!

No more concessions -- no tiers, no temps, no givebacks!

Justice for fired injured GM workers, from Colombia to India!

Demonstrate at GM HQ @ the Ren Cen, Detroit

Monday -- June 3rd -- 4 PM


After CEO Mary Barra was denounced by shareholders in 2018, GM decided to hold its June 4, 2019 shareholders’ meeting online! We’re putting Barra on notice – you can run but you can’t hide!

Having devastated Flint with plant closures and pollution, GM is now threatening Hamtramck and Detroit, where the Poletown community was razed in the 80s to build DHAM assembly on the promise of 6,000 auto jobs, a promise never kept. Now it wants to shut it down, along with plants in Warren, in Ohio, Maryland, Canada and abroad.  The plants are not just the “property” of a corporation. They belong to workers through their labor and taxpayers who granted enormous tax breaks, public subsidies, and bailouts.

The planned shutdowns come on top of thousands of jobs lost through automation, downsizing, outsourcing and the erosion of skilled trades opportunities. Current workers face unequal pay for equal work, temporary and part-time employment, and declining working conditions. At factories in Colombia, India, and elsewhere, GM workers are routinely injured on the job and fired without compensation. And as Barra promises “zero emissions,” GM wants rollbacks on fuel efficiency standards to sell more gas-guzzling cars and trucks – all so GM can boast $14 billion in 2018 profits!

People are fighting back, demanding that GM put people and the planet first.  In Colombia, the fired injured GM workers (members of ASOTRECOL) are demanding justice at an 8-year tent encampment at the U.S. Embassy, and safe jobs for all workers. In Detroit, hundreds demonstrated at the January auto show against plant closings and for the seizure of GM-DHAM by eminent domain so it can be retooled for products we need – high speed trains, solar panels, batteries or wind turbines. 

During WWII, GM was told to convert its plants to produce weapons of war.Today we’re faced with a battle to preserve a livable planet - by converting to a renewable energy economy.  We demand that GM restructure to combat global warming and create green jobs. GM must keep the plants open and negotiate a 2019 contract with equal pay for equal work, no temp job classifications, & no concessions! 

Sponsors: Autoworker Caravan - Moratorium Now! – MECAWI - Michigan Coalition for Human Rights - Democratic Socialists of America.  To become a sponsor, or for more info, email us at [email protected] or call 313-863-3219

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General Motors Demonstration