Strike over for UNIFOR 199 at Seneca

Thanks to workers' successful defence of the picket line, auto parts did not leave the company's premises and the employer was pressured to talk to Unifor rep.  Employer maintained that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. The company who was to receive the parts (a third party to the dispute), offered to pay lost wages to the workers in order to receive the parts. Of the 14 workers of this bargaining unit, only eight will be going back to work.

Workers involved in Standoff at Seneca Manufacturing win Settlement

Unifor Local 199 is pleased to report a settlement to end the work stoppage at Seneca Manufacturing has been reached.  At 9 pm on Monday night after a full day of bargaining workers voted overwhelmingly in favor of the agreement that includes immediate payment of lost wages withheld by the Employer as well as a full settlement to the outstanding arbitration and Labor Relations Board rulings. 

The agreement will see up to half of the fourteen workers return to work beginning Wednesday however, the future of the business with the current ownership is questionable as a result of the negative financial environment and failing business model.‎ The agreement allows for the terms of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement to be enforced month to month as well as a continued relationship with their current customers into 2017 as we look for new investment. 

A resolve to this very difficult labor strike was reached after a nine-hour standoff on Sunday evening when the employer tried to remove parts from the plant.  The standoff brought the parties back to the bargaining table on Monday. This settlement could not have been achieved without the outpouring of support of so many union activists from all over the province who walked the picket line, night and day throughout the stoppage. 

The Local Union would like to thank the Seneca Bargaining committee and Unifor National Rep Doug Orr for their hard work pulling this agreement together.  

The Bargaining Committee would also like to acknowledge the people of the community for their generosity to the picket line over the two week work stoppage as well as the Niagara District Labour Council, MPP Wayne Gates and his staff for their support.

Images from the Seneca Standoff have been posted on our website at the following links.


 Unifor Media Release


Employer: Industrial Management Group (formerly Seneca Manufacturing)

Address : 7 Niagara Stone Rd., NOTL

Number of Employees : 14 represented by Unifor Local 199 President 199

Parts Produced: door hinges and front end components supplied to THK St. Catharines.

Strike began 12:01 am November 13, 2016

Issues in dispute:

1. Employers refusal to make payment of Labor Arbitration Award issued by Arbitrator Rose December 2014 - OLRB also placed award against the Employer for enforcement.

2. Employers failure to remit Union dues deducted from workers pay to Local Union. Four months arrears to date.

3. Employer arbitrarily altered pay day from weekly to bi-weekly payroll.

4. Employer inconsistent on payment of workers wages and inconsistent in their method of payment from cheque to electronic payment.

5. Wage increase proposed by Union as workers have not received increase for six years.

Union Contacts:
Doug Orr, Unifor National Representative
905 650 5977

Greg Brady,
Unifor Local 199 President
905 933 5256


Hi All
This is an urgent request for your support and action, Seneca Manufacturing workers have been on strike since November 13th and need your support.  Seneca has only 14 members who are scheduled 24 hours per day 7 days per week  on the picket line and they need help. 
·         The employer has withheld their wage for the last two weeks worked meaning they have not been paid for four weeks. 
·         The company has been running the equipment and are preparing to ship the parts this weekend.
·         Today a truck ran through the picket line and has been loaded with parts. The only thing that is keeping the truck in the plant is a thin picket line. If these part get out the strike will go on for months hence the call for help.
Keeping the parts in the plant  this weekend is critical. Please make a commitment to show up for a four hour shift this weekend, the biggest shortage is between 5 pm and 6 am.  Call to be added to the schedule, or just show up.
Seneca Manufacturuing Under the skyway bridge 7 Niagara Stone Road.
In Solidarity
Peter Scott
Unifor Local 199
905-682-2611 x 238
905-328-9899 cell

7th Activist Awards Dinner

The Niagara Regional Labour Council is holding its Seventh Annual Activist Awards Dinner night in February 2017 (venue and date TBA).

The Activist Dinner is an opportunity to join with labour activists from Niagara to celebrate the work of deserving individuals from the labour movement.*

Four awards will be presented at the Event:

The Health and Safety Activist Award sponsored by the Workers Health and Safety Centre.

The Occupational Disease Response Team Activist Award, sponsored by the Ontario Federation of Labour.

The Peter Kormos Political Activist Award, sponsored by the Niagara Regional Labour Council.
*The Eric Blair Social Activist Award, sponsored by the Niagara Regional Labour Council. This award is open to union and community members alike.

Click on the links of the respective awards to download nomination forms.
Deadline for nominations is TUESDAY JANUARY 31, 2017

NRLC's statement on TPP to the House Standing Commitee

NRLC submitted a positional brief on Trans Pacific Partnership to the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade:

Submission to the Standing Committee on International Trade Re: Opposition to the Trans- Pacific Partnership

With this submission, the Niagara Regional Labour Council (NRLC) would like to express its opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and call on the government to reject this deal.
Ultimately, the TPP will have negative consequences for the Canadian economy in general and for the working class in particular. More specifically, a study from Tufts University projects Canada will lose 58,000 jobs by 2025 and the economy would only be 0.28% larger.1 The report also predicts that the unemployment rate will increase and wages which are already stagnating will be driven down even further, resulting in the expansion of wealth and income inequality.2 Furthermore, the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions contained within the agreement further consolidates corporate power to the detriment of Canada’s national sovereignty, democratic institutions, and environment.