Latest news on fight against TPP

The NRLC continues to voice opposition to Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] at city councils. Tonight,
at Port Colborne’s City Council meeting, the NRLC's submission regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was supported unanimously by Council.
The resolution passed by Council states that the City opposes the TPP in its current form. In addition, the City will send a letter to the Minister of International Trade and our local MP stating such. 
Port Colborne is now the 5th City in the Region to vote in favour of the resolution and send the letter opposing the TPP to the Minister of International Trade and the local MP. The 4 other cities in Niagara are St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, and Thorold.

NRLC takes a stand on repression of sex workers in St. Catharines

The Executive Committee passed a motion to oppose recent police crackdown on sex workers at a St. Catharines neighbourhood. The Council added its name to a letter* authored by activists and concerned citizens.

*We are writing as members of the St. Catharines community to express the anger and grave concern we feel in response to the recent "crackdown" on sex workers along Gale Crescent and in the surrounding neighbourhood. While all genders do sex work, Indigenous and racialized women and LGBTQ youth are overrepresented among survival sex workers, and it is especially disturbing to see these arrests target women doing street-based sex work. We demand that the arrest of sex workers in our community be stopped immediately, that the release conditions for arrested sex workers be dropped and that no other targeted criminalization measures (e.g., ticketing) be taken.

 Read the whole letter here. It is a public document, if signed, the signature will be saved automatically. 

NRLC advocates banning asbestos

NRLC delegates will make a presentation to the Public Health and Social Services Standing Committee for the Niagara Region on September 6th with regard to the asbestos ban. They will present the resolution which passed successfully in St. Catharines; it includes a letter to be sent to the federal government. 
During the presentation, we will ask that the Mayors and Councillors from each municipality bring the resolution/letter to their respective Councils to be passed.