Spaghetti Fundraising Dinner 
               Thursday March 26
         Guest Speaker: Natalie Mehra
              Ontario Health Coalition

Royal Canadian Legion Br. 4
383 Morningstar Ave. Welland
5:30 Meet & Greet 
6:00 Dinner   

For tickets: Contact Wendy 289-820-8129 , Sue 905-932-1646 
The Wine Factory: 136 Thorold Road, Welland 905-788-1900 
Tickets : $ 15.00


Documenting Health and Safety Workshop

NRLC  organizes a H&S workshop Saturday, April 25, 2015. This is a hands on, jump-start documenting system developed in response to the need to address health and safety at work in a systematic and timely fashion. The following areas will be examined: why documentation is critical, specific types of documents to use, which ones , when to document, organizing your documents.

Workers need a way to ensure their health and safety at work is taken seriously, that it is protected and addressed in a systematic and timely fashion. The WHSCs three-hour program, 'Documenting
Health and Safety' is a hands-on, jump-start documenting system developed in response to this need. Participants will examine six basic areas: (I) why documenting health and safety is critical, (2) ways to document, (3) specific types of documents to use (4) what to document (5) when to document, and (6) how to organize their documents.

Participants are introduced to various forms and reports in workplace settings. They quickly discover
how these forms work together to ensure health and safety issues are tracked from start to finish. Participants take part in a work refusal and sit in on a JHSC meeting to practice their note taking skills while listening to interactive audio-led worksheets.

Hard copy forms, reports and various documents in the participant's manual are perforated and provide easy access. These documents can be used as master templates, copied or modified as necessary. They are also accessible as interactive pdfs. Participants can apply what they learn as soon as they return to their jobs. Documenting health and safety raises the profile of workplace health and safety. With a strong, reliable, documenting system, neither issues nor workers will fall through the cracks.

Saturday, April 25, 2015
37 Front Street, Thorold : Niagara Regional Labour Council Office
9:00 am to 12:00 pm (Noon)
$15 per person : Please make cheques payable to NRLC.

Go here for more and  to print out the form.

Stop Bill C-51!

On the invitation of the NRLC, two Action for Civil Liberties representatives attended March 11th delegate meeting to speak about the proposed Bill C-51, as introduced by the federal government.  The guest speaker (right) asked the Council to oppose the dangerous legislation.

Bill C-51 would effectively remove fundamental democratic freedoms guaranteed by the Canadian constitution.

There is a demo on Saturday 14th in Toronto.
Toronto day of Action Against Bill C-51

And here is a good analysis:
Canada’s Bill C-51: A sweeping assault on democratic rights and legal principles
Part 1
Part 2

NRLC supports striking academic workers at York and U of T

The Executive Committee of the NRLC stands in solidarity with academic workers at the University
of Toronto represented by CUPE 3902 and with their York University brothers and sisters represented by CUPE 3903.

 Both locals are on the picket line fighting for quality public education and for working conditions that would bring academic frontline workers above the poverty line!

Letter of support for CUPE 3902
Letter of support for CUPE 3903