Save Welland hospital, fight for quality public medicare!

Action #1

Attend Mass Rally on November 21

This is the fight for real democracy. Workers democracy.
Private health care is not a care but a business, that benefits the very few at the account of the very many. Having quality public health care (or not) is literally a matter of life and death.

Bus Registration for SAVE COMMUNITY HOSPITALS Rally

Thousands of people are planning to take a stand on Friday November 21 at the Ontario Legislature to demand a stop to the devastating 
 cuts to our local community hospitals and the privatization of vital care services. In addition to the thousands coming from the Toronto area, buses will travel in from communities all across southern Ontario and as far north as Sudbury, North Bay and possibly even New Liskeard. We are so pleased that so many of you are working hard to save our local public hospitals and the services they provide for all of us. Your efforts really will help to make a difference.

We need to know where the buses are coming from
We will assign each bus a number so that people can easily find their communities' buses and get home efficiently and safely. It is imperative that you register your bus so we can send you information about where to offload passengers, where to park, how to let everyone know your bus number, and where and what time the bus should pick everyone up to go home etc. Please register your bus as soon as possible. If you need information, please contact us as soon as you can at or 416-441-2502. You can print the rally poster from the attachment or you can find it on our website at . The bus registration form is immediately below the rally information here. Please fill it in and send it back to
Bus Registration Form
Please fill in this form and return it to us at as soon as possible.

Organization (if applicable):
Number of Buses:
Key Contact Person Name (if different than above):
Key Contact Person Phone Number (daytime):             (evening):          (mobile):
Key Contact Person Email:
Can we publicize a phone number for people to call or an email address for people to email to reserve seats on the bus? If yes, what phone number/email address?:
Where is your bus leaving from and what time? 

Once we receive your bus registration we will send you a bus number and information. Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions. Thank you!

Labour Union Representative needed for the Regional Economic Development Advisory Panel

This Advisory Panel provides local perspective, guidance and expert strategic advisement in the
operation of Niagara Region’s new economic development function. Panel advisors should have previous advisory experience and bring a region-wide vision to create a balanced focus on improving our economic future.

Union members interested in representing labour on the Advisory Panel should e-mail

Thank you for your support!

With your help the following candidates were elected:

Steve D. Berry Ward 1 Grimsby
Barb Butters Ward 4 Port Colborne
Jennie Stevens Ward 1 St. Catharines
Carlos Garcia Ward 6 St. Catharines
Bruce Williamson Ward 6 St. Catharines
Shawn Wilson Thorold
Mary Ann Grimaldi Ward 1 Welland
Rocky Letourneau Ward 5 Welland
English Public Trustees
Jennifer Ajandi Niagara on The Lake/St.Catharines
Catholic School Trustees
Frank Fera Niagara Falls
Pat Vernal Thorold, Merriton, St. Catharines
Paul Mc Neil Grimsby

We expect that these elected officials will provide crucial leadership on their respective public bodies over the next four years.

(click here for the list of the NRLC endorsed candidates)