Call to action: Stop Bill C-377!

Update: Harper pushed through C-377.  Story here.  It's off to court we go...

Voting on final passage of Private Members Bill C-377 has not yet taken place.  Please do your part below!  Its passage is not guaranteed, and we still have a chance to convince our local Conservative Members of Parliament to vote against it, abstain, or be absent for the vote.

Bill C-377 aims to put unions out of business by imposing a harsh administrative burden on them that would be faced by no other type of organization in Canada.   On the government end, the cost of administering this assassination of unions would make the cost of the gun registry seem paltry by comparison.

C-377 will make far less funding available for charitable organizations, community events, and amateur sports.  It will force disclosure of competitive details of contracts unions have with third parties, could compromise solicitor-client privilege, and violate the privacy of union members and the companies that do business with unions.  Critics from a variety of backgrounds universally agree that Bill C-377 violates constitutional rights on several fronts.

What can you do?  At this stage, a telephone call will carry a lot of weight.

Contact your local MP:

Rick Dykstra - Constituency office: 905-934-6767

Dean Allison - Constituency office: 905-563-7900

Send a letter online: Stop Bill C-377

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