The most aggressive plan ever to dismantle community hospitals is underway

Ontario's government is forging ahead with the most aggressive plan ever to systematically strip local community hospitals of services and cut or privatize them. They are already closing down outpatient services: physiotherapy, labs, pain clinics, fertility clinics and so on. They are planning to cut as many surgeries and diagnostic tests from local public hospitals as possible and contract them out to regional private clinics. Draconian cuts to chronic care (complex continuing care) beds are planned -- in some areas, the government is planning to cut 50% of the remaining beds. (Note: Ontario already has the fewest hospital beds left of any province in Canada, having undergone two decades of cuts.)

Patients are faced with driving further for care as it is taken out of local hospitals and centralized into one factory-like private clinic per region. Small community and rural towns will be hit hardest, but even large cities will be impacted as care is concentrated in fewer locations and patients face growing user fees. Local hospitals have been told to shrink the scope of the services they provide and specialize in only a few things. Patients will have to drive from site to site to get care.

Costs for patients are going up. User fees and co-payments are required for virtually every service moved out of our public hospitals. Private clinics are charging user fees in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars in violation of the Canada Health Act and the principles of Public Medicare in Canada. 

Without any exaggeration, the community hospital that we have all fundraised and volunteered for --  the local hospital with a range of needed services close to home -- will not exist anymore if we don't stop this. Single-tier public health care without user fees and extra-billing will be destroyed because community care is subject to private ownership, harsh rationing of access to publicly-funded care, and almost all private clinics extra-bill patients. Public community ownership and governance over vital surgeries, tests, procedures will be gone.

It is under the radar -- even most politicians don't realize the extent of the plans

Even most politicians do not realize the full extent of the radical plan to dismantle our community hospitals. A group of highly-paid elites based in Toronto and the province's largest cities are leading the policy advice on this, and public interest voices are being totally cut out. The dedication of regular Ontarians to building and funding our local community hospitals is considered emotional and is disparaged by these policy advisors. No actual evidence regarding new costs for monitoring, oversight, enforcement and profiteering have ever been revealed if they have even been assessed, and the high costs of user fees and extra-billing to patients has been virtually ignored by officials in the Health Minister's office. As we have seen for decades, these cuts and privatization will not save money -- at least not for patients -- but they will fragment care, worsen access, and lead to wholesale privatization and two-tier health care.

It is time to draw a line in the sand.

STOP private clinics
SAVE our local public hospitals

For more information, please contact Sue Hotte :

Our response must be equal to the size of the threat. It is time that we stand up and make ourselves heard, before it is too late. Regular Ontarians from every walk of life -- local businesses, seniors, care workers, health professionals, students, all of us who care about equal access to health care based on need not wealth -- we all have a vital interest in saving our community hospitals. 

We are calling for our biggest demonstration ever. We are asking everyone to take one day to lend your voice to protect vital services that everyone in our communities need.

Over the spring and summer, we gathered more than 90,000 votes to stop the cuts to public hospitals and the plans for private clinics. So far, no contracts have been issued and the Toronto Star recently exposed horrific stories of damage to patients' health as a result of poor infection control and poor quality of care practices in private clinics.

We have a window of opportunity to stop the private clinics and force the government to deal with the fact that the public does not want a model of fragmented, privatized, inequitable and poor quality regional hospital care. This is a key issue in virtually every community. We need to get the word out and ask people to take a stand now.

Buses will be organized from communities across Southern and Mid-Ontario as far north as Sudbury and North Bay.


Dear Sister/Brother,
On Thursday, November 20, the Niagara Regional Labour Council is holding its fifth annual Activist Dinner awards night (see the preliminary agenda here).
Willodell Golf Course  
1035 Willodell Road
Niagara Falls
The Activist Dinner is an opportunity to join with labour activists from Niagara to celebrate the work of deserving individuals from the labour movement. Four awards will be presented at the Dinner:
• The Health and Safety Activist Award, sponsored by the Workers Health and Safety Centre.
• The Occupational Disease Response Team Activist Award, sponsored by the Ontario   Federation of Labour.
• The Eric Blair Social Activist Award sponsored by the Niagara Regional Labour Council.
. The Peter Kormos Political Activist Award, sponsored by the Niagara Regional Labour Council.
Nomination forms for the above awards are attached. The Executive of any local union affiliated with the Niagara Regional Labour Council can submit nominations. The deadline for receipt of nominations is Friday, November 7, 2014.
Ticket/Table Reservation forms are also attached.  Tickets are $ 30.00 each. The deadline for receipt of reservation forms is Friday, November 14, 2014. 

Vote for candidates who support working families
LABOUR COUNCILS have a proud history of local community involvement and participation. We appreciate the important role that municipal governance plays in the daily lives of our members and their families. These priorities, developed through consultations with local community groups and unions, will make our communities a better place for everyone to work and live.


Help Elect Jeff Burch as Mayor of St. Catharines

Forum research poll indicates a slim lead for Jeff Burch in the St. Catharines mayoral race.

This is very exciting news. The labour movement has an unprecedented opportunity to help elect a progressive Mayor who will put the St. Catharines community first.
Jeff's campaign has been endorsed by the Niagara Regional Labour Council (CLC). His union roots run deep. He worked as a union staff rep and organizer for more than a decade before winning election as a City Councillor for Merritton ward in 2006. Jeff was re-elected in 2010.  He currently serves as CEO of the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre.

Jeff is facing some pretty stiff competition from two candidates on the right of the political spectrum -- an ultra-conservative Councillor, and the anti-union CEO of the local Chamber of Commerce. Given the vote split on the right, Jeff has a great chance of winning, but we cannot take anything for granted.

Please share this e-mail with your membership.  Jeff needs our support to be elected on election day, Monday October 27.

Now, more than ever, working people need strong allies in municipal government. They need representatives like Jeff Burch who will defend their interests and help bring positive change to St. Catharines.

Here is how you can help:

1. Order a lawn sign by visiting

2. Like and Share Jeff's Facebook page:

3. Donate to Jeff's campaign at

4. Volunteer for Jeff (leaflet distribution, canvassing, phones, election day) by calling 905 684-3337 and asking for Brandon or Audrey

We have less than two weeks to help make history in St. Catharines and elect Jeff Burch as our mayor. Don't delay, act today!

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!’s labour Market has ground to a halt; there has been virtually no full-time job creation in the past year. The Government claims Canada’s economy is the best in the World, but that isn’t supported by the hard evidence. Austerity has hurt the underlying problem, not helped.   To solve the problem, we need a different approach: all stakeholders, Government, Business, Labour, Universities, Colleges, & communities, all need to elevate good paying job creation to the top of the list of policy priorities. We need to take pro-active measures (not just lay out a welcome mat for business) to make it happen.
Jim Stanford, Economist & Author will be making a presentation on Jobs, followed by a Q & A session.
October 9th 2014    @ 8pm
Unifor Local 199
124 Bunting Road, St. Catharines
Free admission. 
Seating is limited to 100. If you plan to attend, please register by calling  905 682 2611 ext. 238


Municipal Candidate Endorsement Meeting

Monday, September 15, 2014
7:00 pm
City of Thorold, Town Hall
3540 Schmon Parkway

The upcoming municipal, regional and trustee elections in Niagara are of paramount importance for all union members, their families and friends. We need to elect progressive candidates  who will support labour's vision for our communities. 
Over the past 8 months, the Municipality Matters Committee made up of members from affiliated and non-affiliated locals have met on a regular basis. All candidates ( over 300) have received the candidate's questionnaire.  Based on the responses and interviews, the committee will present at the Municipal Candidate Endorsement  Meeting their recommendations of candidates to be considered for endorsement.

Please note that, based on a decision ye of the Niagara Regional Labour Council, the Municipal Candidate Endorsement Meeting to be held next Monday, September 15th, will now be a Special Meeting of the NRLC.   Thus, voting will be by NRLC delegates only.   However, representatives of all locals affiliated with the CLC are still most welcome to attend. 

NDP Election Labour Canvasses

Please join us in canvassing for Cindy Forster, Welland; Wayne Gates, Niagara Falls; and Jennie Stevens, St. Catharines.  If you've never helped out with a campaign before, attending a scheduled canvassing day is an easy way to start.

Saturday, May 31, 11 am
Wayne Gates offices: 4030 Montrose Rd Niagara Falls, or 401 Garrison Rd. Fort Erie
Contact: Keith Levere   905-932-6896

Sunday, June 1, 10 am
Cindy Forster Campaign Office: 115 Division St. Welland
Contact: Dawn Dobbie   289-990-8343

Saturday, June 7, 10:30 am
Jennie Stevens Campaign Office: 491 Merritt St., St. Catharines (beside Shoppers Drug Mart)

1-2 pm Meet Brian McCormack at the Niagara West-Glanbrook booth at Pride in the Park in Montebello Park in St. Catharines

Contact: Sue Hotte 905-932-1646
For more information please contact us at

New research shows that Hudak job cuts would mean 5,301 lost jobs in Niagara, boosting unemployment by 2.5% to 10.7%