Municipal Candidate Endorsement Meeting

Monday, September 15, 2014
7:00 pm
City of Thorold, Town Hall
3540 Schmon Parkway

The upcoming municipal, regional and trustee elections in Niagara are of paramount importance for all union members, their families and friends. We need to elect progressive candidates  who will support labour's vision for our communities. 
Over the past 8 months, the Municipality Matters Committee made up of members from affiliated and non-affiliated locals have met on a regular basis. All candidates ( over 300) have received the candidate's questionnaire.  Based on the responses and interviews, the committee will present at the Municipal Candidate Endorsement  Meeting their recommendations of candidates to be considered for endorsement.

Please note that, based on a decision ye of the Niagara Regional Labour Council, the Municipal Candidate Endorsement Meeting to be held next Monday, September 15th, will now be a Special Meeting of the NRLC.   Thus, voting will be by NRLC delegates only.   However, representatives of all locals affiliated with the CLC are still most welcome to attend. 

NDP Election Labour Canvasses

Please join us in canvassing for Cindy Forster, Welland; Wayne Gates, Niagara Falls; and Jennie Stevens, St. Catharines.  If you've never helped out with a campaign before, attending a scheduled canvassing day is an easy way to start.

Saturday, May 31, 11 am
Wayne Gates offices: 4030 Montrose Rd Niagara Falls, or 401 Garrison Rd. Fort Erie
Contact: Keith Levere   905-932-6896

Sunday, June 1, 10 am
Cindy Forster Campaign Office: 115 Division St. Welland
Contact: Dawn Dobbie   289-990-8343

Saturday, June 7, 10:30 am
Jennie Stevens Campaign Office: 491 Merritt St., St. Catharines (beside Shoppers Drug Mart)

1-2 pm Meet Brian McCormack at the Niagara West-Glanbrook booth at Pride in the Park in Montebello Park in St. Catharines

Contact: Sue Hotte 905-932-1646
For more information please contact us at

New research shows that Hudak job cuts would mean 5,301 lost jobs in Niagara, boosting unemployment by 2.5% to 10.7%

April 28th Day of Mourning

April 28th is the National Day of Mourning for workers who have been killed, injured, or made ill on the job.

There are a variety of ceremonies in Niagara to mark the day listed on this poster.

Contact: Bruce Allen (905) 934-6233

Municipalities Matter!

Get Active, Municipalities Matter!

The work that municipalities and school trustees do impacts all of us each day.  It is important that labour supports those candidates who support our working family values.

In the last municipal and trustee election, we were successful in helping 17 candidates win their election.

Let's build on that success in 2014.  Every vote counts and with your help we can increase the number of progressive municipal politicians and trustees.

Municipalities Matter Campaign Meeting
Monday, April 28th, 2014
7:00 pm
Open to all interested parties
Unifor 199 (CAW)
124 Bunting Road, St. Catharines

OFL Workers' Rights Campaign Regional Meeting

The Ontario Federation of Labour has partnered with the Canadian Labour Congress, local labour councils and affiliates across the province to launch a campaign to educate workers about Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak’s plans to strip worker rights and advance a low wage economy.

The campaign will begin with a series of Urgent All Unions, All Locals Regional Meetings directed at labour council delegates, all local union leaders, local executive board members, committee members, stewards, activists, retirees and staff. These meetings will give labour leaders the tools to engage an active campaign in their workplaces and neighbourhoods about the threat that Hudak’s plans pose for the livelihoods of every worker in Ontario, whether unionized or not.

A regional meeting is being held:
When: March 27, 6pm Dinner, 7pm meeting begins.
Where: Unifor Hall, 124 Bunting Rd, St. Catharines
Please RSVP to

Labour Council endorses NDP in Niagara Falls byelection

The Niagara Regional Labour Council has endorsed the NDP candidate, Wayne Gates, in the byelection for the Niagara Falls riding which will take place on February 13th.

Update: Wayne Gates has been elected as the Niagara Falls MPP!

The Niagara Falls riding includes Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, and Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Wayne's web site is at

Campaign office contact information:

Niagara Falls:
3770 Montrose Road, Unit 1A

Fort Erie:
401-B Garrison Road

358 Mary St., Unit 4
Twitter: @Wayne_Gates
Facebook: Wayne_Gates

If you can take a lawn sign, contribute financially, or volunteer for the campaign it would be much appreciated.  Remember, though, the most important thing to do is make sure you and every like-minded person you know gets out to vote on February 13th!

Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage

Are you concerned about the growing poverty levels in our communities? Want to do something about it? Then join us!

Saturday November 9th, 2013
Guest speaker: Pam Frache,
Minimum Wage Campaign
Club Capri, 36 Cleveland, Thorold

For more information please contact
or call 905-932-1646

Minimum wage in Ontario has been frozen at $10.25 for three years.  There is a campaign to raise the minimum wage to $14.00/hour at in order to help bring workers and their families above the poverty line.  Visit the web site to send tweets and e-mails to Premier Wynne, and to learn more about the campaign.

Ontario workers are struggling to get by working 2 or 3 low paying jobs. No one should work full
time and yet still live in poverty. The minimum wage has been frozen at $10.25 for three years and there has been a large increase in the number of people living in poverty.

Minimum Wage

Low Income Measure (1)

% Below LIM


$10.25 per hour

$18,655 per year (2)

$ 21,772 per year



$10.25 per hour

$18,655 per year (2)

$ 23,105 per year (3)


1) Statistics Canada " Low Income Lines 2011-2012" June 2013

2) Based on a 35 hour work week.

3) Based on an estimated two percent increase in CPI each year since 2010. The actual increase in the Ontario all items CPI was 3.1 percent in 2011, 1.4 percent in 2012 and is not available for 2013.

An increase in the minimum wage to $14.00 in 2013 would bring workers and their families 10% above the poverty line – and a commitment to annual cost-of-living adjustments.  

Toronto Star editorial: Don't Wait, Boost the minimum wage